Permanent Makeup In Sarasota   




All new clients will be required to fill out medical history and consent for treatment forms. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment.


If you are currently on any medication that requires a Dr.’s approval/clearance you MUST bring the letter with you in order to proceed with treatment.

 No Retinol or Retin-A products for 30 days on treated area before procedure and any use post procedure on the treated area will attribute to fading and may prevent proper healing.

Chemical peels must not be performed on treated area for 2 months prior and for 2 months post procedure.

Laser treatments must not be performed on treated area for 2 months prior and for 2 months post procedure.

Do not dye, wax, tweeze, or use electrolysis for 2 weeks in the treated area.

Botox, Dysport and Xeomin WILL affect the area being treated. Neurotoxins may alter the natural placement of the eyebrows, so it is important to know ahead of time that the ink will be implanted accordingly. Treatments if necessary, should be done at least 3 weeks before and wait for 3 weeks following your procedure.

Unless it is medically necessary, do NOT take any
Niacin, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Fish Oils, or Vitamin E for 3 days before your procedure. Absolutely NO alcohol 24 hours prior to your appointment. If you are on any type of blood thinning medication, a Dr.’s clearance is a MUST! Any of the aforementioned items will increase bleeding and will NOT give the desired result.

PLEASE avoid tanning for at least 2 weeks prior to your procedure and for at LEAST 2 weeks following.  Skin that has been tanned tends to bleed more, which in turn will slow/inhibit the healing process, colors will fade quickly, and may heal darker due to the sun exposure.

NOTHING should be on the area that has been treated for 2 weeks following procedure! Avoid makeup, lotions, and eyebrow products.



Each individual will heal differently and healing time may vary.

In each procedure the appearance of your pigment will be much darker then the final results. We suggest waiting 30-60 days for full healing before any touch ups.

A permanent makeup procedure is the equivalent of a skin-deep wound, and should be treated in the same manner. A scab will form over the treated area and will naturally fall off. Residual swelling is completely normal and may vary between individual treatments.

Keep area clean. BLOT using patting motions only.
Absolutely NO scrubbing or scratching. DO NOT PICK. Picking will increase the risk of scarring and prolong healing.

Ice packs may be applied for a brief 10 minute period to cool the skin if absolutely necessary. Do NOT overdue it. Inappropriate use of ice packs on fragile skin may cause complications.

Soaps and cleansers may be used as long as they are not alcohol based and do not have anti-aging acids or acne fighting acids.

No excessive sweating or strenuous activity for 48 hours.

Keep moist with ointment at all times while outer healing occurs. Apply ointment twice daily for 2-3 days.  You may then apply coconut oil until healing process is complete. NO VASELINE. Recommendation: A&D, Aquaphor, GenTeal (preservative free), and Coconut Oil.

Treated area MUST remain water-free. Cover with a watertight bandage while showering and do not expose the area to the full pressure of the shower.

Clean the area and keep ointment on it. Scabs that dry out take longer to heal. Do not be alarmed if areas fade a bit more than others initially. This is a part of the healing process. If there are areas that remain lighter, they will be addressed at the follow up appointment.

Do NOT touch the area with anything but a freshly cleaned hand.

ABSOLUTELY NO EXCESSIVE WATER OF ANY KIND ON THE TREATED AREA FOR 2 WEEKS FOLLOWING YOUR PROCEDURE! Avoid chlorine and salt water until the area treated has been completely healed (approximately 2 weeks). Exposure will cause the pigments to prematurely lighten and fade. Using a thin coat of Vaseline after your eyebrows have healed will help prevent any issues.       

Avoid compressing your face in a pillow while sleeping, especially for the first 48 hours.

If no allergies, Ibuprofen may be used following procedure to reduce inflammation and discomfort. If another medication is desired, it is best to consult with your physician.

*NOTIFY YOUR PERMANENT MAKEUP ARTIST OR PHYSICIAN AT THE FIRST SIGN OF AN ALLERGIC REACTION OR INFECTION*                                                                                 


It is the Technician’s sole responsibility to ensure that the client leaves satisfied and in good condition. There are NEVER any guarantees to how fast or efficiently a client will heal. If the guidelines are followed 100% it will enhance the longevity of your investment!

Due to the exposure of sun, skin care products (retinols, peels, exfoliate), oily skin and excessive sweating…Colors may fade faster. Naturally, all colors will fade over time, but if you are aware, and follow a few simple steps it may be prolonged.

Hairstrokes will fade faster! They give a much more natural look to the eyebrow, but due to their unique design, they will gradually become blended and the hair like strands will soften. It will be necessary to have touchups done after 2 years. The Powder Fill will give depth and fullness to a brow that is lacking ‘umph’, it will last a bit longer, but eventually all colors fade and will need a retouch.


Choose your Technician wisely! Not all PMUA’s are the same. Some Technician’s will use different techniques that may not work best for you. Please choose the one that suits your needs. Make sure your Technician is INSURED! Make sure your Technician is CERTIFIED! Make sure your Technician has a Florida License and a Department of Health Establishment License! This is your face and you have every right to ask questions, check references, look for certifications/licenses displayed in the open, and look at before and after photos. Schedule a consultation, bring photos and be prepared, so that you and your Technician together can design the BROWZ of your dreams!!!